A Moment Please

A moment of silence please for a box of raisins that could have been wine, and a handsome man who could have been a husband had he not turned out to be a complete psychopath. Life is so full of surprises, isn’t it? Times like these make me sit back , re-download all my “social network” (find myself a perfect man online) apps and get to it…crack open the wine while you’re at it. Online…..Wine…… practically a sign that this is where I’m supposed to be, right? Or am I just kidding myself when I try to sit down to scroll through, swiping left much more often than right and hoping the next man will have at least some personality to go with his somewhat decent looks…. no? Maybe the next one. The struggle is real, but I guess we already knew that when we brought out the wine and the extra big now-it’s-serious glasses.