I am a woman in her 20s who has not quite adjusted to calling herself a ‘woman’ yet but likes the ring to it. Unlike lots of blogs out there I don’t have some fancy degree in ‘relationship fostering’ or ‘love finding’ but what I do have is experience. I never considered myself to be someone who dates until just recently I realized how much I’ve actually experienced dating and relationship- wise (for better or worse).

I’m what most would call the ‘therapist’ in my group of friends, helping out with everything from dating disasters to cheating husbands. I love to hear stories, share my own and bounce ideas off each other, whether it’s to complain and wallow in self-pity (hey, sometimes it’s needed), to come up with a serious action plan or to simply share pep talks about life, love and everything it entails.

I would like this place to be one of acceptance and openness, where we can all share our experiences, have discussions and seek advice. I also want the focus to be on self-love and respect, and learning how to embrace the single life on the journey to one day Mr. Right. I intend to share my experiences with love, life and dating with the universe and see what’s thrown back my way! Here to share and learn and grow and knock on wood, find Mr. Right!


*Insert obligatory disclaimer here about me not being an expert of any kind and all my advice and information given is purely conjured up from experience and my observations and should be used at your discretion because you da bomb and you know best. YOU DO YOU HOMEGIRL*

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